With BAROCOOK you can cook at ease anything or just heat up your meals during your hiking, fishing, camping or any other outdoor activities. BAROCOOK is neat and portable flameless cooking system.

You can cook delicous and warm food, anytime and anywhere without fire. A recognised expert in the outdoor products around the world. Cook delicious soups, pasta & vegetables, rice and any frozen food under 30 minutes.

All your favourite dishes are possible with the Barocook system. All you need is a little water! Barocook is safe and environmentally friendly.

Meet the innovative cooking system that represents a real revolution in cooking with ease. BAROCOOK has finally entered the New Zealand market after a global success.

BAROCOOK is not only light, portable, safe, environmentally friendly and easy to use when cooking meals or preparing hot drinks, but allows you to do that without fire, electricity or gas in all weather conditions, indoor or ourdoor. You can easily use BAROCOOK just about anywhere, anytime, whether you are camping with family or you are conquering the Himalyas.

The product consists of two separate containers and thermal pads, which in reaction to water produce heat effect and heat up the bowl up to 98 °C, and retains the heat for at least 20 minutes. The use is very simple and it will attract even those who have deftly avoided to be near the stove.

And what’s even better – when using Barocook system you have unlimited possibilities in the choice of destination where you will prepare your meal.

Quick and easy cooking anywhere and at anytime, where besides heating pads your fuel is only water. With Barocook you can prepare any hot meals and keep them hot for more than 30 minutes.

Barocook cooking system is perfect for preparing delicious meals that do not require fire, gas, electricity or anything else that could be dangerous to you or the environment.

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