Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

The maximum temperature of heating packs is 130 degrees celsius.

Therefore, the contact surface of heating packs can cause the deformation of the bottom of containers.

That’s why we recommend that customers take the heating packs out from the container after the use.

Please contact our customer service center.

BAROPACK consists of 18 natural materials.
It is eco-friendly products.
Its steam comes out when water is analyzed into oxygen and hydrogen so it’s non-toxic and hamless.
BAROPACK is double packaged.
Do not tear it and taste the content or use it for anything other than heating packs.

① Activate a heating pack.
② Pour right amount of water in the stainless bowl, and lock the lid.
③ After 6 minutes when the temperature of cooking water reaches over 80 degrees Celsius, open the lid and put the noodles and spice in the bowl.
④ You can enjoy hot noodle soup 10 minutes after.
*** Cooking time differs according to its quantity and types.

BAROPACK is made from eco-friendly materials. The heating packs can be disposed in a trash can after using them.

It depends on the quantity of heating packs and food. When you cook a food of 500ml with BC-003 using a 50g heating pack, the temperature of the food reaches to maximum of 95 degrees Celsius.
It keeps the food between 65 and 70 degrees Celsius for an hour.

* Soup, coffee & tea : 5 to 10 mins
* Instant noodles(ramen) : 15 mins
* Pasta & vegetables : 50 mins
* Rehydrated rice : 20 mins
* Frozen & retort food : 25-30 mins

Shelf life of the BAROPACK is over 3 years when completely sealed.